Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are we there yet?

Or yet? Or now? Are we still in Montana!!!?

We started off nice and early - well, not early, because first we went to Walmart, and then we headed out onto Antelope road. Not it's real name, but there are a lot of antelopes. And they're cute. Cory asked if they were pet antelopes or wild.

This road joins I-90 right by the Battle of Little Bighorn. Now - when I was a kid and we went out to South Dakota for the first time, my Grandma insisted on stopping there. I was so disgusted and full of righteous anger at having to see Custer's grave, that I wanted to stay in the car. But it was hot, and I ended up going out. At that time, it was 'Custer's Last Stand' and the entire thing glorified the white soldiers. No mention was made of the Native American side, or why it all happened. Matter of fact, the only thing I liked was the story of the horse who was the only (white) survivor.

But, they've changed it a lot, first the name, it is now the Battle of Little Bighorn battlefield. And they have honored the fallen Native Americans, the tribes are placing markers to show approximately where they fell. So we drove through and went to the museum. There is now a road that goes through the battlefield, and leads out to different markers stating what happened at each sight. These have quotes from the Native American survivors, talking about the battle.

In the museum, there are Native American artifacts, more quotes, and it seems quite balanced. The gift store had more Native American books than white! We didn't go to the ranger talk, which would have been really interesting to see. But I was happy to see the glorification of Custer was gone, and instead, a viewpoint from both sides present.

The rest of the day was spent in Montana driving through construction. Montana is a big state. I mean, a really big state.

"I know 2 things about Montana, it's huge, and it's ugly" Cory talking to his parents

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