Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The 45 minute mile

Washington! The trees! The mountains! The - wheatfields and wildfires? Hm

3/4 of Washington state is dry farmland. Pretty in it's own way, but definitely not the Washington state I think of.

We decided to take a slight detour and go see my mom's friend Mary, who lives in an oasis she has made in the heart of apple country near Okanogan Washington. The entire way we were surrounded by smoke from wildfires located south of us. We passed Grand Coulee Dam and Chief Joseph dam, and that was about it.

After the too short visit with Mary, we headed out to the North Cascades Highway. This is a little pass, we call the never ending pass, because it goes on forever. At the highest point, you're 5800 feet up, but the highest peaks are over 8000 feet! It it beautiful, though we had traded the smoke in for rain. I think the pictures turned out cool though, very ethereal.

We had dinner at Red Robin with more relatives - Aunt Molly came to meet us, and finally headed to our hotel.

Except this really was a 45 minute mile. I had lived in this area for awhile, and I'm fairly familiar with it, but I got turned around when a freeway entrance was closed and we ended up driving waaaay south, and then waaaay west, and the short drive was a long one. I told everyone that it was the scenic route but I don't think they believed me!

Quote of the day: "Look for chocolate milk! That means it's a flash flood Devin!" - Cory

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