Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

We left Salt Lake City around sunset after dinner. We'd been driving since 8 AM, around 12 hours at that point and we still had 2 states left to go. By this time we were on a major highway, and out of the major mountains so we made great time skimming along in the dark. The kids had fallen asleep and it was a peaceful drive. Did I mention long? Yeah, long. Really long. Don't underestimate these 16 hour drives, they are killer. Finally, after miles of roads, and driving through the corner of Arizona through a HUGE canyon (no pictures, it was dark), we reached Nevada and an oasis of lights.

Vegas is amazing to see at night coming out of the desert. It's even more amazing to drive through the strip, with people laying in the road, puking, or wandering around at 2:00 AM. Especially while trying to find your hotel room. Which you would think wouldn't be hard to do. I mean, there are hotels everywhere. Everywhere you can imagine. But not ours. This trip, we had decided to stay at La Quinta hotels, since they allow pets, were located everywhere, and in the past they've been clean, neat, and easy to find. Our problem lay in the fact that there are 5 La Quintas in Vegas, and that the GPS kept sending us straight into town when I knew it was on the outskirts near the airport. Furthermore as I mentioned it was 2:00 AM and we'd been on the road for nearly 18 hours. And, there were people everywhere. It was a mess. Meanwhile one kid woke up and was amazed, the other woke up and was like WHY ARE WE IN VEGAS!!? I finally found one LQ, ran in, and got directions to the new LQ, which I guess was really new, which explained why we couldn't find it. I was actually at that point really happy that we weren't staying at that LQ since there were people wandering around asking where they'd moved the hotel rooms to. Instead, ours indeed was on the outskirts, a brand new one, with a spectacular view and nice comfy beds. We collapsed in them at about 3:30 AM, with the alarms set for 9:00, ready to head west again.

There are no pictures here, somehow I misplaced the Vegas pictures, I think they are on a cell phone somewhere. Possibly not my cell phone. Which is problematic.

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