Sunday, June 12, 2011

This n' That

  • It was beautiful this weekend, under 70, sunny, and spectacular. We went to the park yesterday, and rode bikes today once I wrestled them out of the garage.
  • Ramya the pomeranian believes she is a big dog and can run with the bikes as much as Lance the GSD (yes, they are trained to do this, well he was, she has been watching).
  • Summer is the BEST!
  • After 3 days of watching my hand swell, get red, and sore, it is still not red tonight, so I am out of the doctor danger zone.
  • I HATE doctors.
  • And I HATE cat bites.
  • Neptune is back to his old, knocking water over, making messes, mushroom eating self.
  • We are very, very happy about all of the above things strangely enough.
  • In THREE days we leave for our Epic Adventure!!
  • I am much better at buying things for a trip than cleaning for a trip.
  • I detest cleaning for a trip.
  • My list for the cat-slave (pet sitter) is getting long and longer, It may turn into a novel.
  • I have so far packed a ton of fiber, but no books for the trip. Evidently I am planning on spinning a lot.
  • I am also bringing knitting.
  • I want to knit a laceweight shawl out of the yarn below. 630 yards of lace. Anyone have an easy pattern for me. I am pouring over Ravelry but really indecisive. Or does anyone else have any other ideas about what to do with this yarn?

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