Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swimmin' In Sunshine

As some of you may have deduced, we had an agenda to follow. One known only by a few, and not even by all the people in the car. That agenda involved a trip to one of my favorite states. The beautiful, the amazing, the spectacular, CALIFORNIA! Yes, we had scheduled 5 great days in California. Really it made sense right? We want to move back west, California is located directly south of Washington, we'd always wanted to drive up the coast, and frankly this winter was so horrible we all needed some sunshine.

Of course, this was a little bit problematic because one of the kids is petrified of earthquakes, and can't even handle hearing a song about California on the radio. To appease him, we had just kind of left off where we were traveling, and thanks to his favorite movie, the first 80 miles in the states passed in blissful ignorance. Then we arrived at the fruit checkpoint and he was like: CALIFORNIA! WHAT!? We said we'd been in the state for 80 miles. There were some mild tears, but he recovered and we continued our trek, through the mojave desert, over the hills, and through valleys.. We had a mission. We were even planning on stopping for the day early! Really, early!

California on the horizon!

The motorcycle that I almost hit when he cut me off.

The Mojave Desert

A big weird boat thing

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