Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Kitties in the Country

I am typing this while sitting in an 87 degree room with the cats. Why, you may ask? To prevent them (ok, to prevent Neptune) from attacking the people installing the new A/C unit. Those poor guys though, look hotter than we do. I am sympathetic to their plight but I wish they'd hurry up!!

We are in the the final stretch to our EPIC ADVENTURE, and it's imperative we have conditioned air to keep the kitties comfy while we're away traveling. There is already enough guilt in place for leaving them at home. But I'm pretty sure while driving a motorhome cross country might be fun, backing up or parking a motorhome would not be, so they shall stay with the pet sitter (aka paid cat slave) while we travel. Anyway, as with any trip, we keep finding more things to do. This has morphed into a master list that we can cross off as we accomplish things. Today, we got Kevin's new cast put on (blue!) and the A/C repaired. Later this week starts the mass of vet appointments, car repair appointments etc etc. Plus the packing. But enough about all that.

Some creatures really do love this heat - look at my flowers out front. With the heat the Petunias are really taking off, but the Pansies are peaking too. These will be gorgeous by the time we leave.

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  1. So glad you're getting the A/C fixed! Just in time, too. One less thing for you to worry about while on vacation. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Relax and Enjoy!