Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taiyo Blanket Update

I have 5.5 squares done, 3 big, (11X13), and 2.5 smaller (9X9).

This is definitely helping with my Taiyo addiction, I keep saying, well, see, it could be another scarf. Which helps me rationalize the fact that depending on the amount of skeins I use, this could be a very, very expensive blanket. But it will be so cool! So will be the little one if I don't combine the squares, I figure I'll decide that in a few more squares... Or before I hook them together anyway.

The big squares with the next 5 skeins in waiting.
My main problem is I have gauge problems. Not huge ones, but for the sake of sanity, I'm assuming that all the squares don't have to be equal in size, that's what blocking is for! I could be wrong here, but please don't ruin my delusions.

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