Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poor Baby Kitty

Today was vet day. We headed out this morning with Neptune to the local vet for a rabies shot. Neptune gets sick in the car, so we use the closest vet, which I really don't like. But, we're going out of town, and since he can get testy with people, I didn't want to risk leaving him without an updated shot in his file.

We made it to the vet without puke, and I was thinking that this should be easy. Until the vet opened the door, and Neptune went hysterical hissing. He dove in, and started an exam and we were almost done when he pulled out the stethescope and Neptune scratched him. Luckily for the vet, I trim his nails, and so he just got a little scratch. I wasn't so lucky though when he dove for the vet again and I turned him away. He nailed he on my wrist, biting down and holding it. Luckily, this let the vet finish the exam but now I have a really sore wrist, that won't let me pick things up, or grip things hard. I am avoiding the doctor in favor of treating it at home, but I know cat bites are bad, so I'll be watching it close.

Poor Neptune tonight though is acting like he feels terrible. He's sleeping off the trauma and vaccine in Mom's room. I sincerely hope that he feels better tomorrow because I don't think we're going to be welcomed back to the close clinic, and I'm not sure I'm up to it either. But I feel so bad for him. Poor baby kitty.

At least tomorrow it's time for the car to go to the doctor, and there isn't any potential injury except to the checkbook.

But at the rate we're going, we're rapidly running out of healthy limbs around here. Oh well, I just need one hand to drive is away from here!

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