Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prairie Dawn

South Dakota, land of open spaces, black hills, and lots of family. We headed out at 6:00 AM into the misty morning fog, and finally at around 12:00 we got out of the Frozen tundra into South Dakota.

The day was uneventful, until, I made the decision to drive past Wall (home of the famous Wall Drug of course) because though we were low on gas, there should have been plenty to drive the next 40 miles. Until, we pulled into Rapid City and right into a traffic jam, where it took us 45 minutes to drive the final 4 miles, the entire time with the gas light on low. Part of me was wishing we'd run out of gas, and thereby block the one supposedly open lane of traffic that was there. I mean, 45 minutes on a major highway? For a tiny amount of repaving? Weridness!

But we finally made it, and met my cousin Josiah, his wife Jennifer, and their adorable happy baby Jacinth, and then a little later we were joined by my cousin Dawn, her son Philip who every time I'm around him I completely want to take home with me, and my aunt Pam. We had a great time eating pizza, and playing at the waterpark attached to the hotel. The kids ran and swam their legs off. I have no idea how it is possible to run up the stairs that many times but I have a hunch it has something to do with the adrenaline rush of the slide. Whatever the case, from my view on the lazy river, it makes me tired :).

Tomorrow, we go WEST! I always feel like Rapid City is the end to the midwest and the start of the west. I love going west, it just brings such wonderful feelings of freedom, freedom from snow, mosquitoes, and tornadoes. Westward we go! And now for the random pictures. I'm sorry I have none from tonight I gave the camera to someone who wasn't swimming and there were no pictures taken. Too many good conversations instead!

The mist breaking over my roving in the window (long story)

Statues in SD

Our yearly Corn Palace drive by!

Yearly Corn Palace over the shoulder picture.

Missouri River crossing. I love how the landscape changes from prairie to bluff here.

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