Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

Yay, it's May. I will gloss over the fact it was snowing here this morning. I'm sure it was just really little flakes of rain falling down.

We spent a lovely day at home here. I spent most of it in the 'Peace' Room as the Yarntopia/Playroom/ Art room is now being called. In there, the quiet sounds of Kenny Chesney filled the room while I watched the Mariner's baseball game, and spun yarn. I was trying to finish this lovely brown Shetland from The Painted Tiger which was going on forever. I love Shetland, and it's instinct to spin fine, but it also means a little goes a long way. Finally, I ended up with 620 yards of Navajo plied. More than enough for a shawl. Though for right now it's just going into the yarn cubbies.

Neptune enjoyed sleeping in the peace room

What is your problem?

Awww he's so cute

Spot the cat

Bella helped me ply

A whole lotta plied Shetland

Tonight, we went to see Cory in a play at church. He's been feverishly rehearsing this for months, and it was great fun to see the kids successfully perform.
Phil Pharisee nailing all his lines

Happy Actor afterwards

And when we got home, we found out Osama Bin Laden had been killed. I try really hard to keep politics off this blog, as this is my happy place. While politics take a huge part in my every day life, in a lot of ways, I keep this non-political - or try to. So let me just say, my prayers go out for all of those who have lost family members due to a mad man, extremism and hatred. May we someday find peace and love for everyone, including those who are different from us, and celebrate those differences, whether they're political, theological, or imagined.


  1. Love the pix of all the yarn and kitties. It's great to have a room to yourself and clear your mind. Enjoy!
    On your last paragraph (binLaden), "Amen".

  2. Ah, to have a day of peace quiet and fiber.