Saturday, May 21, 2011

Carnival of Storms

This is the weekend The Boy Scouts sponsor a carnival in the parking lot across from our house. The kids of course watch the building with baited breath, and can't wait to get over there the second it opens. Last year the weather was spectacular, and the carnival was really lightly attended. This time, the local troop decided to bring in a bunch of other troops and do a talent show, a concert, and a bunch of other events. So of course it rained. I kept telling the kids not to panic, we live close, so we'll get over there in between showers....

I love this picture of them!

The Tornado

Cory had no desire to go on the Ferris Wheel -
notice his hands holding on for dear life.

The Tilt a Whirl in sprinkles

And a rainy cherry tree

And rainy kids

Back to the carnival for one more ride

And running home in the dowpour


Oh well, it's only water..

And they needed a shower anyway

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  1. Oh to be a kid again. I loved the Tilt-a-Whirl.