Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time to Stashify

Shepherd's Harvest day! Ok, really day 1, whether or not I make the trek back is yet to be determined. Mom didn't go today, and I'd really like for her to have a chance to see things. Plus the kids kind of want to go. And yes, of course I want to go back! I mean, I still have 4.50 left from my fiber fund! Today was so much fun though. We woke up to lovely weather, spectacular blue skies and it was the warmest day for around 9 months or so. Once we got over there, the shopping and looking commenced. I want to note a few things here:

1 - I did not buy any yarn.
2 - Going to fiber fests with the boyfriend means he'll take things to the car for me, which means I don't have to carry everything around all day.
3 - This means that I can't keep track of what I buy until I get home and actually look in the trunk.
4 - This means I may buy more than I actually realize.
5 - I really think fiber is like Christmas trees. You know how they always grow between the lot and your house? Same thing.
6 - I resisted buying a rabbit, therefore, I deserve more fiber.

Cutest bunnies EVAH! As soon as I move to CA - I am getting German Giant Angoras. Love them!

This is a walking wheel. As soon as I move to CA I am getting a walking wheel..

Drop Spindles as soon as I move to CA - oh wait, one of these came home...
Now I'm regretting there wasn't a 2nd one there. May have to fix that tomorrow.

Line after line of booths

All with fiber!

And Fibery things!

And a barn of sheep! You know, when I move to CA - I'm gonna get a sheep... Maybe.

Or a BLUE EYED Llama!! I love llamas! I think they exude elegance.

A pack of llamas!

So regal!

And cute!

Weirdest food vendor ever. No, I did not eat the lefse - or the uffda dog.

I love me some hats! I wish I knew what vendor this was, they had awesome handpainted yarn!

Lunch break, and knitting break, it was gorgeous out.

Freshly shorn llamas.

And someday I'm gonna have a border collie who I can do this with!

I love herding dogs

You can see the sheep weren't stressed. This was when they were calmly wandering to the grass.

Through the gates

Showing excellent eye, I love BCs.

Sheep getting lunch.

Heritage spinners outside.

Llamas are cute from any angle

The cute little spindle that came home!

And, um, some other stuff... Want the list? Starting in the top left hand corner..
1# cormo/BFL/Silk, 5 oz cormo/silk, 6oz alpaca/wool, 1.5# wool/mohair (gray/pink)
8oz blue coopworth, 8 oz green coopworth/silk, 1# purple coopworth/silk,
2 Falkland braids, 1 merino braid. That's only ummm 5.5 pounds. See, not nearly 10 pounds.

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