Friday, May 27, 2011

Deja Vu

When I went to Shepherd's Harvest this year, I had two vendors on my must-visit list. One was a Cormo breeder, and the other, was a mill that sells Coopworth Roving in beautiful colors. Last year I'd purchased some Coopworth/silk there, and just loved it. I wanted more.

The Cormo was first, and then I hit up the Coopworth booth. I immediately snagged 1 pound of this beautiful purple Coopworth/silk, along with another pound in different colors.

Today I sat down to spin some. it spun just like I'd remembered, with silky smoothness and the Coopworth's qualities made it beautiful and strong. And then I looked down at it.. Not only did it spin like I'd remembered...

It looked the same too.. I had selected the exact same color as last year!
Here is the skein from last year (I have more of this somewhere in the wool closet too)
350 yards of single ply. And on the right this year..
And this year, the first one of several - 165 yards N-plied.
Obviously I really love this color!

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