Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It baffles me, why, in this horrible place, it can not be warm without storms, cool without freezing, or summer without mosquitoes. We generally have one nice week here in the spring, and one in the fall where it's 70 degrees, sunny, the flying bugs are dead, or otherwise occupied, and it's not storming or windy.

Take today for example. It's 68 degrees, and sunny, but there are 30-50 mile an hour winds outside. Yesterday, there was no wind but it was a stormy 85. The day before? It rained. I mean, seriously, it's insane. Why this area of the world was ever settled, and why people continue to live here I can't understand. Even with the week that is nice, you really can't enjoy it because the looming snow, or humidity just hangs over you like a guillotine waiting to drop.

Of course, all of this is made worse when your air conditioner breaks (ok, that is better than the furnace breaking..) and it's 85, with high humidity. Especially when one family member is suffering from broken bones and casts, and the other has rheumathoid arthritis, made worse by heat and humidity.

And let's review exactly what has broken in May - 1 tire, 1 refrigerator, 1 hand, and 1 Air Conditioner. Really, I think the least was overkill. Clearly it should have stopped with the hand, as that is 3. Remember, bad things happen in 3's.. Or maybe my secret happiness that we replaced the fridge I hated made that not count. I'm not sure.

In 16 days, we are leaving on our Epic Adventure to a part of the country where the weather is warm without storms, and no mosquitoes live. That is what I keep repeating to myself, while I watch the A/C repair people hard at work figuring out why the A/C isn't working. 16 days.. 16 days.... 16 days...... I think I'll start packing.

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