Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technology Rocks!

Last night, we took the kids out to a celebration dinner for their awesome math contest finishing scores (2nd and 5th out of 150 kids - obviously they take after me!) While waiting for them to finish playing games in the gameroom of their favorite restaurant I was playing on my little Droid phone while simultaneously knitting on another square (I multitask). I decided to buy the MLB app and WHAM! Now, I can get games on my phone!! I mean, like the entire game!!!!!!!! AND I can plug my phone into the carjack thingie and LISTEN TO THEM!!!!! This is so totally better than when we lived in Missouri and following an out of state team meant going out and tuning the AM radio in hopes some radio waves made it your way, or watching the scores tick by on Headline news. I also consider it a hopeful sign that I will soon be moving out of this frozen wasteland, because now that I have this, I am slightly more content. I sincerely love listening to ball games in the car, and having a local team I could care less about is depressing to say the least. Now I can listen to My Mariners any time they are on through the magic of my little Droid. It is kinda like always having R2D2 around..

Today, we spent the day running errands, buying 100 cans of cat food (the cats are very content now that they possess cans in the triple digits), and meeting people to sell them fish tanks from Craigslist. Which is another way technology rocks. I love Craigslist, and I love being able to get rid of my junk to someone who wants it. Even better, is being able to get someone else's junk. I am not selling the big tanks, just clearing out some old small tanks I have no use for. It's fun to get someone started off in the hobby, and the kid who bought one today was so excited. It's a great feeling. Now I am listing off furniture, slowly moving from one end of the garage to the other. Hopefully someone has a real need for some desks and end tables somewhere out there..
You better not be selling MY desk..

We also built the new 2X8 garden bed. I'm thinking of planting tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and flowers in it. I figure with the frigid temperatures I'm still nearly a month out from planting anything though, so this plan could change at any time.

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