Monday, May 16, 2011

Up In Arms

To say that this weekend was interesting, would potentially be the understatement of the decade. We had our lovely Saturday tour of college campuses and 4th streets, so I was determined that Sunday we would have a relaxing day enjoying the sunshine working on projects. This seemed like a great idea, and I was off to a great start.

I cleaned out the hall closet, sorted through shoes and coats and made a bag for the goodwill. Got our tornado room cleaned out, and organized and then we ran to get dirt for the new garden. I spent the rest of the afternoon working outside planting flowers, and digging in the dirt making a lovely mess and pretty pots.

I had decided to make black bean tacos for dinner, so I was just finishing up when the phone rang. Kevin had gone horseback riding on his leased horse, while I had stayed home to garden, and I figured he was calling to say that he was on his way home.

As it turned out, he was on his way to the hospital because he had been bucked off and dislocated his pinky finger. 30 minutes later, when I got there, I found out it wasn't only the pinky finger, but also his shoulder. Hmm.

Let me go on record here, and say, if you fall off a horse, I am not the person to call, I am incredibly bad with injuries, blood, needles, xrays. Frankly, I can barely watch an episode of House without gagging. Now if your HORSE fell, I'd be the person to call, cause I can deal with animal injuries, blood, and needles just fine. It's a weird thing, and don't ask me to explain it.

With that said, emergency rooms, and I are not friends. Especially when now, they expect you to stay in the room practically the entire time. When placed under this stress, I tend to revert to jokes, and sarcasm to deal with this. Luckily Kevin has a sense of humor, but I do think the nurses thought it was a little weird.  That's ok, I thought that they were a little odd too, especially the guy who came in to explain the fact they'd be putting him under with Propofol 'which is what killed Michael Jackson'. Sure, someone on pain meds needs to know that. It would have helped if I'd brought knitting with me. I don't know what people who don't knit do in these situations. Frankly, it's such a handy thing. Relaxing, productive, and if necessary, you're armed with pointy sticks and strings.

The nurses though, changed their tune, and started seeing the humor in this when they realized that not only would his left hand be in a cast, since along with the dislocation there were 2 fractures, that his right shoulder was dislocated and would be in a sling. He is essentially armless. Shall we discuss what you use arms for? A lot of things. Eating, drinking, driving, working, typing, phone calling..

The good thing is, dislocations aren't as painful as breaks, and he's managing just fine on Advil. The cats are thrilled that not only is someone hanging out the couch, he can't even move them off his lap. And the dogs are thrilled that he is ok. So am I of course. The flowers are super pretty, and we got the dirt moved pre-injury. The tacos were great too. I do think horseback riding is on the backburner for awhile, I suggested he take up knitting, you know, after he has arms again.

The injured, and his heating pad. He's not allowed to move the slinged arm either.

Starting to look like spring outside..

And the pots are progressing

But more planting to do.

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