Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back To our Regularly Scheduled Program..

The weekend passed in a blur here, with cleaning the destroyed house (2 kids with the flu will do that to ya) some grocery shopping, and of course looking for a new computer. My old desktop indeed had suffered from a motherboard blowup along with the main hard drive having errors. So I am now the proud owner of a new HP laptop which is going to be the house's main computer. The coolest thing? The new beats audio with a built in subwoofer. It's got great sound. Which is really important due to my Itunes addiction. Of course all of my Itunes happened to be on the hard drive that sounded like a freight train when we hooked it up. But luckily all my files transferred except for one Michael Jackson album. Really, not too bad, a lot better than my nightmare of losing all the songs, and a zillion dollars in downloads.

I also worked on spinning a little bit, I want to get this bobbin done today, and onto another. Not sure what I want to spin next, I'm looking for spring colors. This time of the year in the Frozen Tundra, I start to get a feverish and weird waiting for a sign of green, a robin, I'd even settle for a mosquito - ok take that back. No mosquitoes. But really, it's like being locked in a gray and white world of snow, slush, and grit. And it's still snowing. Sunday night, we got another 5 inches, and it's predicted again. Last year, in my attempt to pretend it was spring, I drove to a local park to take a walk (through a foot of snow? I'm not really even clear on my thinking there) but got stuck on a little narrow road and had to have a bunch of guys in a 4X4 push me out. They were not happy, or nice about it. Evidently they didn't see the humor in the situation. Silly Tundra people! So this year, I am staying firmly inside still, while pretending yarn in pretty colors are flowers. I am not sure whether this will sustain me another month (!) which is how much longer I'm assuming we'll have snow. Because, we still have a lot of snow. Seriously. A lot of snow.
Neptune thinks snow is disgusting too


  1. Oh yeah, same here; snow today, snow storm this weekend. And it was 36 degrees yesterday. Thank goodness for our fiber addiction to take the edge off! I love the citrus colors on your bobbin. Makes one think of Florida, warm temps, no snow. Geezz, I need a fix -- gotta go spin! Have a great day, no matter what the weather!

  2. March was always the hardest month for me back east. Just a few spring teases to make the yuck melt into giant piles of grey/black yuck.

    Glad your doing some spinning.