Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy Days

It's kind of amazing here, that we slip so effortlessly from snow to rain here. As in one day it's snowing, the next, the rains start and the snows melt away. There are still snowbanks remaining, but they're dwindling. Unless, this rain turns to snow tonight, the weather people are being very vague as to where the rain/snow line lies.

Saturday after our drive, we ended at the ski hill again, where this time both kids snowboarded. They had a great time, though it was getting slushy. Later that night though, we were startled by thunder and the rains started.

The dwindling snowdrifts

Where I grew up, the flowers are out in spring, it's green, and alive. Here, spring means brown and grays. The grass, the snow, the trees, the rocks.. Everything has turned from shades of white to shades of browns. Ugh. It's as if the world is so worn down from the harshness and work of winter, that it continues to sleep for awhile to rebuild it's strength. To be fair, we could still get snow, but it still seems like a long time till green and growing things wake up.

Our resident squirrel, who invited a lot of other squirrels to winter over here due to our food.
He however, is the only one who tries to open up the food canister, or climbs our screens while
ignoring the cats trying to ram their way through the window.

He can't wait for spring either.

I am trying hard to spin my spring this year, focusing on bright colors, and textures. Though I did recently find this really old Shetland that I've been spinning into a light fingering yarn. I think it would be a lovely shawl. It's a little fall like in color though.
The start of the shetland

The Painted Tiger BFL - reminds me of pansies

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