Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kid Stuff

This week has been made up of kid activities. I'd given them snowboarding/skiing trips for Christmas, and we hadn't made it up yet to do this - something about sub zero temperatures, and blizzards have blocked the way. But we went Sunday, and they had a great time. I had a great time hanging out by the fire - except I forgot my knitting. Major fail on my part. Both of the kids learned to ski when they were really little, but Cory this year really wanted to learn to snowboard. So he had a private lesson, while Devin played around. We are supposed to go on Sunday unless all the snow is gone by then. If it is, we might end up having to go up north to the even more frozen land there. Hopefully we can avoid that.

Here is Cory on his snowboard, and Devin skiing by him :)

Cory has also been busy working on his pinewood derby boxy car thingie, along with Kevin. This is a weird tradition, it's really more work for the designated adult. He is going after the 'fashion award this year, I really hope he means that, as it is truly designed for looks; not speed.

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