Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring in the Tundra

yay. I am so excited. I love the images of spring.. Especially flooding rivers. You can sense my irony here obviously. We are high and dry, but the river does run through my town, and some aren't so lucky. I can only hope it stops rising soon.

This is a road to a neighboring town Or was.

The river is more than twice it's normal size.

So, we'll focus on more spring colors in roving. A couple of these came while I was distracted with Kenny, so I hadn't focused on them, but they are so pretty!!!

Neptune is testing some Merino Primrose for it's sturdiness. This is my March fiber from Fondle This!

Who me? I'd never shred roving. Nope. Wrong cat.

Sorry, but he's cute. He sees the camera and the fiber and does this. Can I get an awwwww

Knittyandcolor batt. My welcome spring gift to myself!

Because I HAD TO HAVE THIS! Falkland fiber in Fresh Cut from knittyandcolor.

March Painted Tiger fiber club - Romney in a beautiful blues, greens and browns.
These are my 3 go-to fiber people, and I think you can see why. If knittyandcolor ever did a fiber club I'd be the first to sign up. Just love them all so much!

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