Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lazy Random Day

I have emerged from reading 4 books on MS in one week, to read Winter's Bone. Possibly not the best choice for a pick me up novel, but oh well. I seem to be short on those right now. Potentially due to the fact that my favorite authors are in between books.

In carrying on the medical research, I do have House on. I can't decide whether or not I like this show. I'm getting addicted though, watching the reruns on USA.

All of this medical research makes me wonder why in the world, western medicine treats the symptoms but not the root of the problem. Someone would think you were crazy if you explained you had a hole in your roof but it was ok, because you were buying buckets. But that's what the medical world does, have a chronic disease like MS or RA, it's ok, we can make your symptoms go away, a little, well at least for a week or so. But let's not look for the root cause of the chronic illness. They just keep buying buckets to haul the water out in. Meanwhile, people keep eating their McDonalds, or frozen TV dinners, without question, garbage in, garbage out.

Rant over. I think cats are designed to keep us hanging out watching reruns and reading books on gray yucky days. They curl up and purr and you forget about cleaning the house. Clever creatures. Our cats are in the process of interviewing pet sitters for our upcoming vacation. I have thought of taking Neptune with us, but I think Mercury would miss him, and the thought of traveling with a cat, who attacks people isn't the most thrilling thing in the world. So instead, we are attempting to find someone who we can pay to come over and watch reruns and read books while he hisses at them. It should work.
Sweet widdle kitty, would never dream of attacking a pet sitter...

I am working on spinning up Primrose, I got quite a bit done yesterday, will finish it tonight. Very pretty blue it's turning into. I love watching roving turn into yarn. This is supposed to be a tea cozy. I think that's on a list somewhere, my desire to make a tea cozy. Must find that list.

And the Seattle Mariners start tomorrow!!!!! I am so excited, spring training has been great this year. It'd be a perfect start to the season if it wasn't for the fact that Dave Niehaus can't be there in person. I have been listening to spring training to prepare myself, but I don't think it will hit home till I turn on the game tomorrow night and hear the wrong voice welcoming in the 2011 season.

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