Saturday, March 5, 2011

Down the Hatch

We have survived Flucopolypse 2011. At least we think so. Kids are obnoxiously better and bouncing off the walls. Almost makes you miss the lethargy and peace. Not really, we're happy they're back to normal. So will be blogging, I promise.

We will start with a strange phenomenon. Neptune, his Magic Claw, and the Heater vents.

This was first noticed last fall, with the heater vent downstairs. We would come home to the vent out, and a hole in the floor, sometimes with a toy mouse down it. Concerned with broken ankles we placed a rock on top of the vent, though we were really puzzled as to how, or why, it was even up. We then woke up to the rock moved, and the vent misplaced again. We went to two rocks, these are heavy granite stones from the Crazy Horse Monument by the way, not little pebbles, which seemed to fix the problem.

But recently the moving heater vents have resurfaced. And finally we caught the culprit in action.

Who me? I replaced the vent to see if I could photograph this.

He starts by tapping it with his claws in different spots.

Enlarged so you can see his claw, picking up the vent, right by Merc's nose.

Then he loosens the other side - Mercury is clearly in awe of the claw

Filming made him nervous and he dropped it.

So he goes after it again

Flips it over

And ends triumphantly

Bella looks for the supposed - rabbit??


  1. OMG! This is the funniest thing I've ever seen! And some people say animals aren't human - pshaw!LOL.

  2. Cats are too darn smart for their own good. Aren't they?