Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Help Japan

Here is an article on 8 easy ways to donate to Japan, to help the people who are suffering from the earthquake and tsunami. My heart goes out to those who have lost so much.

Surrounded by brainwashed midwesterners who believe earthquakes swallow you alive, this has been an interesting experience. Especially as my plan involves moving BACK to the Ring of fire, and into quake zone. This extreme reaction used to really puzzle me, until I determined much like Lutefisk poisoning, which sets out to convince Tundra-ites that they can't leave this godforsaken permafrost mosquito laden state, for more than 2 weeks at a time without dying. That the fear of earthquakes and all things Californian stem from a brainwashing program started in school, evidently in the 5th grade, where they show a zillion videos of earthquakes and talk about the fact that someday, there will be a huge earthquake causing the state of California to fall into the ocean. At some point, they may even tie this into religion, but I haven't out how yet. All I know, is that the kids keep coming home and telling me about the newest earthquake video. I asked if they showed videos of tornadoes and blizzards and they said no. Which I find strange because frankly, we are in danger every day we have to drive through snow in this frozen place, over ice, through slush, and battling other people who believe you should go 70 despite the raging blizzard and zero visability. (though if it rains, they will slow down in fear of hydroplaning - obviously a driver's ed video.)

The fact is, natural disasters are horrific, and can happen anywhere. We are all lucky to live life every day without a disaster. Whether natural disasters, which we face on a large scale, personal disasters ranging from money issues, lack of jobs, and illnesses, we all need to be grateful for every day, and live life looking forward with a smile on our face, thankful for having those we love around us. Because isn't that the point of life anyway?

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  1. A huge natural disaster just scares me. In Rochester, NY we were taught about California dropping off the face of the earth someday and that was back in the 70's and 80's.

    I've had plenty of personal disasters. After 3 weeks ago Saturday, I'm just glad to see open eyes.