Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Kenny!

You know, how when you plan something for several years, wait for it an equally long time, and plot out all ideas, that the fear of a letdown looms strongly?
Concert Goodies

This was my situation last night. You see, I had just been discovering Kenny Chesney when he last came to this frozen wasteland 4 years ago (totally don't blame him there - I wouldn't come back either). I didn't go to the concert, at the time I wasn't going to them. Then he promptly started touring in warmer climates. I plotted how to see him in Qwest field in 2009, but couldn't quite figure out how to get out to Seattle that fast again (I seriously regret that now), and last year he stayed home writing songs.

FINALLY he announced he was coming again, and I was there for the pre-sale, a horrible 20 minutes where Ticketmaster kept wanting to sell me tickets WAAAAY out in the back 40, and I kept panicking thinking I'd be relegated to the nosebleed section. after all that stress, I got good seats alongside the stage and took them.

All of that brings us to last night. A night I'd been waiting FOUR FROZEN YEARS for!I was a little worried that I'd be disappointed, could anyone live up to this much mental hype by someone. I should have known Kenny would never let me down.

From the start it was amazing, high energy and the crowd was great. It was packed and the energy was so high! It just rocked! At 10:30, he announced that if he sang till midnight, he'd be here on his birthday again. Of course that was fine with all of us, so they went off set and sang and partied. Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington came back out (both had been on before, in great shows), and then he featured people in his band. It was AMAZING! The best part? Clearly showing our mind meld, Kenny chose to sing my favorite all time song, one he rarely sings at a concert - On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful, in the expanded set. It was the best night ever.

Now I'm trying to convince everyone to get in the car and drive to Omaha to spend another Birthday night with Kenny. And I'm plotting for tickets in July to Kansas City.. Actually maybe I could just follow the band. He said we could all go on tour with him.. I mean, I don't really want to plan for the other 20,000 people there.. But I think he just meant me anyway.

Unofficial setlist including the extras :) And scroll down for grainy pictures of said concert..

Live a Little/ Reality/ Live Those Songs/ Summertime/ Beer in Mexico/ Coastal/ The Woman with You/ Big Star/ I Go Back/ No Shirt No Shoes No Problem/ Anything But Mine/ acoustic: The Life/ I’m Alive/ band: Living in Fast Forward/ Young/ Somewhere with You/ Don’t Happen Twice/ Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven/ The Good Stuff/ Out Last Night/ with Uncle Kracker: When the Sun Goes Down/ You Never Even Call Me By My Name (David Allan Coe)/ The Joker (Steve Miller, w Billy Currington)  Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)/ band: When I Close My Eyes/On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful!!/ She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy/ with roadie: Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)/ With or Without You (U2)/ Chesney’s guitarist Clayton Mitchell singing: You Really Got Me (Kinks)/ Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan) ENCORE There Goes My Life/ Boys of Fall

The pre Kenny Curtain

Uncle Kracker with Kenny, missed a picture with Billy Currington

By Kenny, Happy Birthday!

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