Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blizzard Spinning

Yesterday, while watching the flurries flitter down into the foot of snow, I finished up this bobbin of Shetland and N-plied it. This is leftover fiber from a fiber club I used to belong to. I love the colors, but the fiber was gross, with second cuts, and straw interspersed into it. So I was glad when I was done with the bobbin, though I still have another 5oz of this to go. It will be pretty made into something though, I'm thinking of breaking out the loom and weaving it into a bag.

Now I have to decide what to spin next... Oh the choices.

On another subject, I've been eating no meat (except for fish) for a week now. Surprisingly enough, after the first couple days it was really quite easy. I've been making a bunch of vegetable soups with beans, barley, and fresh veggies. I made a lasagna with veggies that was amazing! And happily, after the first couple days, I stopped looking toward fish to eat. Now if I can succeed in cutting down the sugar (note to self: Do not make cookies without a clear exit strategy for getting them out of the house - and do not bring home cinnabons 'for the kids') I'll be in business!
Warm Blanket and sunshine - what better combination?

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