Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stash Enhancement or How To Save the Economy..

Mercury Missed Us

Let a couple yarnies loose on the yarn shop hop perhaps? But I mean, supporting local stores is really important. You have to sell things to have jobs. And yarn is really a necessity. Cause it keeps you warm. That is an important thing in the frozen tundra after all.
Yarn stash much? All of our Shop Hop Haul

Ok, I'm competitive, I had to get all the patterns, all the charms, and dang it ALL THE YARN! Since our day on Thursday was cut short, we were determined to finish this today. The little fact that Devin was supposed to be playing at a nursing home smack dab in the middle of the hop had little effect on us! Nope, we loaded up the dogs, the kid, the people, and off we went.

Our first stop was a quick stop as it's our closest yarn shop. Amazing Threads was chock full of fun yarns like always, and amazing patterns. We nabbed their store pattern, a beautiful shawl, their yarn, a gorgeous 3IG worsted merino and dashed out. We were on a schedule at this point afterall. The store was also packed with hoppers, and I think I own everything there anyway. Not really, but we go there a lot.

Up the road to Shepherd's Choice. Strangely, amazingly, weirdly, we didn't buy anything, though we donated to the food shelf for our charms, and I did eye their roving and sock yarn. They carry a beautiful hand painted sock yarn from Pagewood Farms, and I was sorely tempted.

We then ran to the other end of town, where we met up with the nursing home performance group. This was really cute, several kids were playing the piano, the violin, or singing. The violinist was amazing, and the singer was really funny. She was about 8, and would get up there, close her eyes, clutch her fists and take a huge breath then launch into singing. Very funny. Of course Devin did great, he loves playing in public.

Then off again to more shops. Next on our list was A Sheepy Yarn Shop. It's adorable, with a super cute fireplace and couches. I found a beautiful skein of Mountain Colors yarn there, and we were off to our final shop!

We ended up at Lila and Claudines, really close to closing time, but that may have been a good thing as otherwise we might have bought the store out. Luckily the lovely cashier signed us up for their frequent buyer club as we're almost halfway there already. We bought: 2 skeins of worsted merino from Lorna's Lace, another Lornas in Merino/silk sportweight, a skein of Noro Taiyo (cause we're supporting the Japan economy too of course), and special ordered the yarn they were out of, plus bought a skein of Peaches N Cream to experiment on washcloths with. Yup, pretty much the whole yarn store. I did put back a Malabrigo Rasta in gorgeous purple. After all, I have to go back in 2 weeks for the special order anyway... They had a great selection of handpainted yarn, which is totally right up my alley.
L-R, 3IG handdyed Merino, Mountain Colors, Lorna's Lace Merino, Taiyo,
Lorna's Merino/silk, Peaches 7 Cream, LL merino

Tomorrow, we shall sit, knit, and relax. I may, or may not be working on socks again...

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