Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of Those Days

I got up this morning, happy to see rain instead of snow falling outside, (really I am easy to please), but happiness at seeing the rain was dampened a little bit (ha!) when I realized I had left my driver's side window open. Hello wet van seat. Oops.

Undaunted I skipped into the kitchen where I carefully measured out my Kashi Go Lean cereal, determined to eat healthy today after 2 days of iffy eating around Easter. I found my organic blueberries and selected my 1/4 cup of fresh plump berries to add to the cereal, coated it with a packet of Splenda (hey, I'm a child of the 80's, I like sugar cereal - so sue me), and realized we had no rice milk in the fridge. I went to get a container from the pantry and while opening it managed to knock my cereal all over the floor. Neptune came running over and started eating it (he likes sugar too), while I went to get a broom. Of course our dustpan has evidently been stolen by someone who broke into the house specifically to steal just the dustpan, so I had to pick up the pieces of cereal and blueberry by hand after sweeping them into a pile.

Still, optimistic, I refilled my dish with remeasured cereal, and replaced the plump blueberries with slightly less plump ones. Ecstatic over my success I swung the refrigerator door open to put the rice milk away, stepping back at the same time, onto the toy mouse that Neptune had abandoned in his sugar quest. Except it was one of those real fur ones, and I thought it was the cat which made me jump up, slam my ankle into the door, causing a cascade of jam to rain down all over my foot and the floor.

10 minutes later I limped upstairs to eat the overly sugared soggy cereal. My foot is only slightly sticky.. It's only noon, I wonder what the next 12 hours will bring!

I vote for going back to bed - NOW!

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  1. Good lord, Murphy is on a rampage. I wonder if the Easter Bunny skipped him.

    Hope your day gets better from here.