Saturday, April 9, 2011

Frozen Four

Ironic isn't it, that they decided to hold the Frozen Four in the Frozen Tundra? I thought so too. But that's not why we ended up at the fan night. Nor is the reason that I am a closet hockey fan, a deep secret that I won't let out due to my aversion to other things icy. Nope. The reason was that evidently in a quest to get kids interested in science, they did a Science of Hockey competition. The details are hazy, we had thought it sounded really weird (read dumb) that they were having kids research puck velocity, and stick taping, and the temperature of the ice. This took the frozen tundra to a new level really. In reality, the kids were competing to win tickets to the Science Museum for their whole class. Anyway, long story short, Cory's group made the finals, so of course we trooped down to the center to watch the ceremony, paying our 13.00 entry fee and being exposed to all things hockey.

Once there, and once we'd purchased popcorn, a smoothie, 2 hot dogs (not for me - they were out of tofu dogs), and found seats, we were immediately told that in reality, the teacher was wrong, and they had special seating. So, we ended up standing in the entry for like 45 minutes waiting for them to come get us as the kids wrestled on the smooth concrete floor made for slipping. Then, they herded the kids into one area, and sent the parents into a darkened hallway. It was like in Searching for Bobby Fisher when they send the parents into a locked room so the kids can compete at chess. Finally they opened the doors, and let us into the seats, where we finished watching the Hobey Baker (?) awards ceremony, and waited for the kids. Who eventually appeared behind us as opposed to on the ice, and each got a 2 second split of their video aired. They announced the winner, and we were then invited to spend the evening ice skating. Only problem with that, is only one of the 5 people there had ever been on skates. My adventurous side said it might be fun to skate on the ice in a real rink but the reality that the Sports Center cameras were still rolling, and that one of my goals in life is to stay off of their sports bloopers show, I declined and we went home.

Now for lots of pictures:

The Cathedral

Set up for the college awards

Autograph signing



Standard group picture


Waiting in line

Cory waiting in line

Award thingie on ESPN

Standing up guy won. He hated hockey as a kid and his mom had to pin him down to dress him. No lie.

Oops, there they are behind us

And on the screen

Winning group on the right

Another shot of the Catherdral

Cory with the trophy for the frozen four

Cathedral again

Why I didn't get this posted last night.

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