Saturday, April 23, 2011


Yesterday, and today, we redid the playroom.
Neptune helped a lot Mainly by guarding the roving

The kids were home from school and surprisingly agreed to help us sort through toys, and helped clean out their closet so I could move their stuffed animal collection inside. Then I moved 2 desks, a TV table, and a huge horribly heavy TV downstairs where I threw them into the garage (I'm cleaning that out later - really I am!) Up came the new wire shelf, along with the old yarn shelf to sit beside it.
Spot the Cat

Then came the yarn brigade with people bringing in armfuls of yarn to dump in a pile on the floor and I started to sort it out. The first problem was that 80% of my handspun yarn wasn't labeled. When I started spinning, I used to keep records on the computer or on pieces of paper, but that requires me to actually remember what it is, and match up each skein with the info. My memory is surprisingly good, but it's not super user friendly. I finally hit on using tie on tags, that are cheap, and have 2 sides to write on. It loops onto the yarn, and so anyone can pick up a skein and see the yardage, and material. I know a lot of people keep really detailed spinning records, I am not like that. I am an artistic spinner, not an analytical one. Anyway, so I went through, separated the commercial yarn and organized that by weight, and then I went onto labeling (which meant counting) the handspun yarn. My saving grace is I skein in 1 yard skeins so they're fast to count with no math!

Finally the room is finished into Yarntopia. And I am tired!

Two of the Handspun cubbies

The other 2 handspun cubbies

The whole setup On the shelf on the left are finished items,
buttons, art supplies, and my cricket loom
The lowest shelves are my soon to be spun roving (versus the stashed roving in the closet.)
Time to relax

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