Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Me Sum Up

This is the spring project. A small patio, and another raised bed.
We got this much done on Sunday. Now, who knows when it
will be completed - Snow is coming again.

This is the raised bed, waiting to be planted
(ignore general yard detrius also waiting to be cleaned up)
It will continue to wait. - Snow is coming again

These are the empty pots, lined up waiting for new inhabitants
(and a tree which I think survived the winter and is ready to be planted)
but they will continue to wait - Snow is coming again.
This is the shrub rose bush with buds on it.
Brave soul, it should have waited. - Snow is coming AGAIN.

It will be May in less than 2 weeks. And we still have freezing temperatures and snow in the forecast. It is just so wrong on every level.

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