Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter Storm Warning

It's a day all true Northerners love, the first winter storm warning of the season is among us. 6-12 inches of snow is expected. This means we'll get anywhere from 0 - 24 inches of snow. Oh boy! Let's get out those snowmobiles and cross country skis. Or not. Definitely not.

On the bright side, it's a weekend. No one has to work and we have ingredients for stew here. On the negative side, it's the first winter storm warning. My plans are complex.

1 - Make Stew

2 - Watch old movies

3 - Write

4 - Absolutely stay inside at all costs.

5 - Spin yarn

6 - Knit
Sleeping is my plan
Ours too!
Lovely plans. And for those of you who are thinking how romantic and wonderful it is to have the snow falling outside your window while you do said activities above, let me point out to you that all of the above said activities can be accomplished just as well with rain falling outside the window. Rain leads to much fewer headaches driving of course, not to mention it makes a lovely noise pattering away.
Water in liquid form is always the best

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