Thursday, November 11, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

And like Dorothy I wish I could click my heels and be home right now. To my real home that is. Where the whole city is in mourning about Dave Niehaus, and people understand the tears.

Though, I did find a common soul today in a man who came into eat at my bar. While having a nice talk over lunch we started to talk about health issues for some weird reason, and I mentioned Dave's heart attack. He was shocked. He was also from Seattle and out here on business. We both started crying, talking about Dave and our memories. How much our lives would be affected by this. It sounds silly, but really, baseball will never be the same. And that is a poignant though, 2 strangers, 2000 miles from Seattle, crying together in a restaurant over someone they'd never met, but that they considered a family member.

Being a Mariners fan is mainly about be an optimist, tomorrow will be better, next season we'll win. And Dave made us believe in that optimism.

But never again, will I turn the TV volume down and follow Dave to the radio broadcast, and never again will I hear him call out "Get out the rye bread and mustard Grandma it is Grand Salami time!!"

On Saturday, the Mariners are opening Safeco field for fans to come and pay tribute to Dave. I wish I could be there, I will be in my heart. Tonight, I just sit and watch videos, and remember the good times, and the bad times, the games that broke our hearts. All with Dave providing the background. I guess that's his real legacy, he will always live on. He will always be the voice of the Mariners.

Niehaus Highlight Clips

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