Monday, November 29, 2010

Remember These?

This lovely picture? Of one of my favorite tanks, with my little happy Goldfish swimming around. Yup. Beautiful, right? Lovely. The picture of serene.

See this?! This is what I came home to after Thanksgiving. Now, for all the animal lovers out there, never fear, my little fish are fine thanks to the quick actions of my pet sitter/friend. Who called me and moved them into the tank I told her to. Even my betta who thinks he's a goldfish was fine, and hung out in my cuisinart mixing bowl till I could get home.

See this??? This is what 40 gallons of water can do to a floor when you're out of town.
The wet books, little suckers didn't suck up that much water!

"Do you hear that Fezzik? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when the six-fingered man killed my father. The Man in Black makes it now" For everyone who heard the scream last night I apologize.

So, onward I go. The goldfish are split between holding tanks, I set up a 10 gallon for the betta and a buddy, the water is seeped up, and the books are sorted through. Rug is still slightly damp but drying. And now I have to figure out what exactly Imma goin to do..

Do I... A - Buy a new aquarium on CL, thereby getting a great deal.
           B - Buy a new aquarium at the store thereby getting safety.
           C - Buy an acrylic aquarium
           D - Fix my aquariums, and cut down on the number, at the same time moving to California to start a new life on the beach where I wouldn't have to look at snow 6 months out of the year thereby lessening the need for indoor hobbies such as aquaria which have the propensity to flood you house but make it seem less like winter and more like the ocean inside.

See what you get when you leave me with a pet sitter!
Next time it'll be the turtle tank...
Decisions decisions decisions...

Oh, and anyone know how to fix the ceiling??


  1. Ugh, what an awful mess to come to. The picture of that ceiling gave me the shudders. I had a ceiling like that come down on my head in 2009.

    You'll need to call someone who does drywall. The damaged portion needs to be cut out, patched with new dry wall, then refinished.

  2. Luckily the ceiling is just the paint, and below it appears to be fine. I'm hoping to find an out of work contractor to do the repair as a winter job but right now I'm choosing to think about it tomorrow. Very Scarlett O'hara style really, but it works for me.