Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Non Traditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always I have felt kind of a weird holiday. Tucked in between candy heaven Halloween and Christmas Carols it just sits with a turkey and Football to hold it's place. Not to mention the negative connotations that the first Thanksgiving bring to mind (you know, Pilgrims eating all the Native American food and then murdering them all...) I have ambivalent feelings toward it over all.

Typically I end up cooking a huge meal, which then gives us way too much food for our family, which while fun is expensive and wasteful. So this year we broke all traditions to start a new one.

We went to the tropics. Ok, not the real tropics, but we did have an 85 degree room with a wave pool. We stayed at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, enjoying their waterparks, and being inside in front of a fireplace while watching the ice storm outside. Quite lovely. At least the not going outside part was!

We've been swimming, having family game night every night, knitting, spinning yarn, and having a lovely relaxing time. Not to mention going down a water slide here and there...

And we still had Thanksgiving food, but a smaller meal with just a few dishes and a turkey breast. Still yummy though and enough for leftover sandwiches.

Really, the only negative is that we have to leave on Sunday. But, by having a non-traditional holiday, we may have started a new tradition. Travel over Thanksgiving, experience new things, and explore. Much better than vegging out in front of the couch all day watching football after eating way too much food...

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