Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fly Fly Away

I am a huge Seattle Mariners fan. The kind of fan, that no matter how bad the season, looks on it with optimism and knows that tomorrow will be better. The kind of fan that if they ever got into the post season would take the entire month of October off of work, because she would be unable to function in a commercial setting. The kind of baseball fan that listens to games, and finds magic in the calls she can't see.

A big part of this is due to growing up listening to Dave Niehaus, the M's announcer since the franchise began in 1977, and someone who was an even bigger Mariner's fan than I was.

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are listening to Dave call the games, good or bad. He even made the rainouts interesting, reciting Casey at the Bat. He made baseball come alive, with his enthusiastic My oh My! Calls and his amazing ability to place the details into his dialogue that others missed.

Dave passed away today at 75 years old from a heart attack. He never retired, never got to see his beloved M's play in the World Series, but every day he did what he loved. He supported his team, and made those of us who couldn't be at the stadiums feel as though they were. He brought a whole new generation to the game, and his calls will live on in our memories.

Baseball in Seattle will never be quite the same, as Dave was one of a kind. I feel like I lost a family member, and in a way I did. Dave was part of my life from April-October, for as long as I can remember. The return of Spring training every year, meant Dave coming back with his enthusiasm and magical words.

Fly fly away Dave to Paradise where the M's will always win, and the season never ends. You will live in our memories and hearts forever.

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