Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Painted Tiger

I get several fiber clubs. Some with knitting patterns, some without. In my crazy day that was October, I didn't get a lot of spinning done (understatement), especially the last couple weeks. But I got 2 of my fiber clubs from The Painted Tiger partially spun.

This one is from September, isn't it gorgeous? Love the fall type colors.

And then there is October. Sometimes fiber clubs surprise you. This one, I fell head over heels in love with, though I probably would never have purchased it myself.

Neptune is also obsessed with my fiber from TPT. Why? I think it's the name. Neptune always helps me to unpack boxes but when TPT comes he rolls in the fiber, and takes it over kneading it into a batt for me. He and I have come to the agreement he can play with it, and lay in it unless it's what I'm spinning. Anyway, here is Thriller!! I still miss Michael Jackson every day, but this brought a smile to my face - and to Neptune's!

We may have to come to some sort of agreement about TPT yarn too...

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