Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowed In

It actually has nothing to do with the snow that I was home all weekend. That was my big plan anyway, never leave the house, never get dressed, stay home all weekend. It worked. The snow was just an added excuse to the thing.

I did make stew, I made rice pudding with brown rice which turned out amazing, and I experimented with English Toffee in preparation for Christmas candy making.

I ate all 3 items to excess.

I spun 2 skeins of yarn and plied a 3rd.
Suffolk Yarn, so pretty but I have no idea what it's destined to be.


Handspun Art Batt

I finished a scarf and did 1.5 drop stitched scarves. I like this, pretty, fun, and I love the first one I did out of Araucana yarn. The 2nd I'm doing out of Cascade Pastaza in Forest, I love the look of this yarn, it's partially llama but I don't thoroughly enjoy knitting it. I have an amazingly cute hat made out of it though and the scarf will match.

Drop Stitch Araucana Scarf

Cabled Handspun scarf Merino/angora

Cascade drop stitch

Now it's the start of another week, and next week is Thanksgiving how did that happen?!

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