Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the Christmas Season BEGIN!

In reality I've been listening to Christmas carols for a month. But it's December first, it just seems like Christmas is starting today. First:

We have Advent Calendars. Or rather the kids do. That means they get to eat 1 piece of chocolate a day. I remember as a kid, trying so hard to not eat more than 1 piece. I think generally my calendar lasted till around December 10th. Then somehow they'd all disappear. Actually I blame other family members. I think they discovered my stash. Anyway, I had gotten them one time for the kids, and they more or less were apathetic. So I was surprised when they asked for them this year. Which led us to the problem of finding them. I'm not sure whether it's a regional thing or whether it's just popularity, but they were really difficult. We finally found fair trade organic chocolate ones at Whole Foods. Which were half the price of the ones at Hallmark. Double score there, responsible, better product and cheaper!

Tonight is the Holidazzle Parade. I am not going. Not that I wouldn't love to go downtown to stand in the slush on the frozen street corner, watching lights go by. In the cold. Wearing handknits. In really cold weather. With my feet freezing. No, I am sacrificing the cold to instead go to the band concert. It's heated. It's actually really a shame they happened to both be on the same night as the kids wanted to march. But on the other hand, then I would have had to go. Follow the link above if you want to see pictures, I'm assuming the parade will look pretty much the same.

Another sign Christmas is coming is the CMA Christmas concert is on tonight. Hopefully Taylor won't be on there and we can watch it in peace. If not I can fast forward through her. Thank goodness for DVR.

I am making my short list of Christmas candy, really I just want to make fudge. However I'm not sure I can make fudge Vegan. This could mean I will make it but feel guilty. On the bright side that could lower my consumption of it. Really I just need to make enough to give to the neighbors. Most of the family members who are still speaking to me aren't eating things like fudge.

We also need to decide on a tree. Whether we're even attempting one after the failed tree fiasco of 2009. The cats though, are older (and fatter) now, and maybe it'll be safe. Of course we do have the teething Ramses-puppy racing around. He the other day decided to chew on my Majacraft Rose. Silly puppy. Oh well, it just adds a patina to the wood anyway. (I say this through gritted teeth, but really, it was my fault for having the wheel out). So I'm not sure how a tree will fare. And if we get one, should it be big and sturdier, smaller and less likely to do damage if knocked over? So many decisions.

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