Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Projects Part 1

We spent yesterday shopping only at small stores for gifts (and yarn for gifts). We went over to the east side of the city where we visited Lila and Claudines. How great is Lila and Claudine's? Well, in the 3 trips there, we have way, way over qualified for their frequent buyer program's reward. I waver between being happy, and sad, that it's over an hour drive through city traffic to get over there. If it was closer, I could get a job there. If it was closer, I could spend hours knitting by there awesome fireplace. If it was closer I may have to start selling plasma. In any case, extreme control had us leaving there with only 4 skeins of yarn, and 4 Christmas gifts (they have gifts too - we cleaned out on Jewelry..) So really, I thought we had a lot of restraint.
Some of my haul. The skein on the far left is destined to be the pattern,
and not for Christmas. At least unless I can manage to learn a complicated lace
pattern and complete it in practically no time.

We rounded out our east side trip with another yarn store stop, mostly to gaze at their Noro (though I didn't buy any), and then finally to a great vegan meal at a Vienamese/Chinese place.

Today we were off to Devin's piano recital (videos coming soon) which was at a craft fair. We did some shopping there too, most of which can't be pictured, except for these lovely earrings, destined to be a gift. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any cash, and I had to pass up the gorgeous pottery stand that didn't take credit cards. I love pottery, it's on my 'someday I'll do this list) though I have a hunch it may be too fiddly for my relaxed crafting standards.
I love these earrings, and hope the recipient does as well.

And yes, I've already cast on, and am whipping through scarf #1. Cheating, it's a drop stitch scarf so insanely fast, but it's out of a lovely Merino/cashmere blend. Sitting next to me is a pile of 'non-bonded to yarn, awaiting to become gifts. Actually there are 3 skeins in there I am bonded to, but I'm winding them anyway and we'll see what their fate really brings.

Meanwhile, I am anxiously awaiting the mail tomorrow which should bring my last skein for my Lolita, and I can finish the final few inches, cast off and start devoting myself to fingerless mitts. I have to wait you see, because I am totally missing all my size 4 needles. Where did they go? I blame the cats. So I am right on schedule, moving right along, even with Ramses-puppy stealing my yarn every 20 minutes.

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