Thursday, December 9, 2010


You know that scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger chases the guy through the crowd attending a parade in the freezing cold snow in Jingle All the Way.
 You may have laughed at this parade. Who has a parade in the snow? Who, in reality will be outside in -20 degree weather. You may have dismissed this to a back recess of your brain in the thoughts you'd never use this information about the parade, or the wonderment over the idea of being outside at -20.

That parade is actually a reality. And it's not just once a year. Its for a few weeks. Every night. People volunteer to be in this thing. And come watch it in droves!

My first year in the frozen north, we all trundled downtown to see the parade, froze to death for 10 minutes and realized that you had to be a native. Fast forward 10 years, and damned if Kevin and Cory aren't slated to march in the parade.

Some people were thrilled by this opportunity. Giddy might be the word. Though, neither kid had ever, ever been to the Holidazzle except as babies that ill fated frozen night 10 years ago. Mainly because no one would take them. We weren't that dumb to go again.
Fountain downtown covered with snow
Obviously, them being in it meant a family night downtown, and a parade viewing party.

Pretty Lights

I loved this church!

People in lighted costumes waiting for the parade to start

And Stars
Now, let me say, we absolutely lucked out, with the warmest night all season for the Holidazzle. Thank goodness, cause it's really hard to get a seat in the skyways to view from a heated area. Instead, we hiked across 4 blocks to find a spot where the buildings seemed to keep it more sheltered, and then a coffee shop to hide out in before the parade started. Once it did, we ran out, elbowed our way to the front, or rather, put the kid in the front with the camera and watched the parade. Or at least till the band passed. Then we started walking back to the car. Though that was actually a good thing because I got some better pictures farther back.
Our band!
And drummers!!
I love the dancing lights!

Every parade ends with Santa
Or a street sweeper rather

Especially finding Michael Jackson memorabilia there!
We ended with an evening at the Hard Rock Cafe and 2 very tired kids. The marchers loved it, they had a great time. So did the watchers, I just think it was colder for us. But on the other hand we didn't have to carry a backpack of batteries on our back and drum on our front. What a workout!

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