Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Casualty

Due to circumstances out of my control, I found myself shopping at Walmart at 11:30 at night two days ago. I had spent the day wrapping presents, retrieving Silent Auction winnings, dropping people off to run to other events, cleaning fishtanks, bathing and grooming poodles, and so on and so forth. So between that and the X Factor finale, we didn't get to Walmart till 11:30. At which time I grabbed a bag of accumulated trash from the van and tossed it in the trash can there.

It wasn't till I had tucked myself (and the dogs) in bed at 2:00 that I sat up with a start. O. M. G. I hadn't thrown away trash. I had thrown away a knitting project. I laid there pondering my choices. I could: A- get up and go back to Walmart and dig through the trash in hopes of finding it. Or B- Make myself up a story to feel better.

In reality I wasn't THAT fond of the yarn, I was more upset over the loss of my Addi lace turbos, cause I love those needles and they're expensive. But there was nothing I could do at this point. This is a small town, I was a bit worried digging through the trash would end in me being arrested and I think bail would be more expensive than the Addi turbos. Had it been Three Irish Girls Yarn, or handspun yarn, I may have risked it.

Instead though, I made up the following story:

Once upon a time there was a knitter who had come into hard times. She had lost her house, her car, her job, and worst of all, her yarn stash. It had been a terrible year. A couple night before Christmas, she wandered into Walmart to buy herself some day old bread, and to escape the cold. Her hands were freezing in the bitter tundra air. When she was leaving, she paused to throw away her wrapper, and a glint caught her eye. A practically new pair of Addi Turbo lace, size 4, laid on top carefully sealed in a plastic bag. On the needles was half of a mitten knitted out of beautiful teal cabled yarn. There was enough yarn left of the skein to easily finish the pair, and have some left for another small project. Here eyes filled with tears, here was the answer to her Christmas wish. Some beautiful yarn to knit with and a project to keep her freezing hands warm in the Tundra winds.

A month later, with her warm hands and stylish mittens finished, she was spotted by a yarn shop owner, who admired her incredible skill, and offered a job on the spot. Her fortunes changed from that moment forward and a few years later she ended up a famous knitting designer. All because some harried hurried person accidentally threw away the wrong bag in a Walmart parking lot...

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