Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silent Auctions

Every time I go to a silent auction I feel a need to up the bid. Typically I choose something that is handmade and bump it up a little. Not necessarily to win, but typically to get the artisan a little more credit for their work.

The other week was no different. We had finally made it to the Stork House. This little house we drive by practically every day but somehow during the special events we had always missed the time, forgot or had something completely conflicting in the time. Finally, we made it through for a tour and Christmas party. While there, (by the way, they have 2 spinning wheels in residence, a walking wheel and a flax or CPW, have to go back for a closer look.) I stopped by the silent auction table where I bid up a few items and then wandered away.

Last night I got a call, I had won, not one, not two, but all three items I had bid on! Alrighty then! What did I win? I won 2 crocheted dish towels, a basket of raspberry and strawberry jam, and.... Wait for it....

A pair of felted mittens. And......

A handspun scarf. Yes. Because there is a shortage of scarves in this house.

Not a bad haul for one bid on each. And it went to charity.

Bella says that clearly they are all presents for her. Any questions?

I'm not sure what the destiny of this little scarf will be. It's actually quite lovely but I do already own 35. I'm not sure I need another scarf. But I'm sure it will get a good home no matter where it's destiny lies.

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