Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Full of Beans

Today was a day of full onset Christmas prep. First, my mom's present came in the mail which meant 3 hours of solid work on the computer for me sorting and collating media to sync it.

Then, we picked up the kids from their final day of school, which was really a field trip day for them, the poor dears spent the entire time skiing, what torture. They were starving so after we fed them we went to the store to split up and Christmas shop. This has seemed an awesome deal in the planning stages, what could be more fun? Of course the reality of it was that both kids were so hyped up from the end of school, the skiing and Christmas that shopping with them was rather like shopping with an untrained puppy in a store full of raw bones. But we persevered, and then went home to wrap them. Kid quote of the day: "Just because my mouth isn't tired doesn't mean my lungs and legs aren't tired!" When Devin and I deviated with a short trip to the Hallmark store and I decided to walk there instead of battling through the overcrowded parking lot again.

And yes, we did walk. The weather here has been freakishly dry which meas we don't have 72 inches of snow which means the temperatures aren't dropping drastically. More on this another time. The frozen tundra and I have an uneasy truce going right now in which I will not badmouth it, and it in return won't snow. Sorry snowmobiling, wishing for a white Christmas, can't wait to snowshoe/icefish peeps. That's our agreement. If broken my ranting about the stupidity of a city in the middle of the frozen tundra and that the people claim to enjoy the cold while never really setting foot outside of the artificial warmth.

In any case, after shopping with the puppies, er kids, and wrapping presents I set out the craft project I've chosen in lieu of cookies. Sure, these don't look as appetizing as cookies, but they're healthier. And cheaper. And rather pretty. I'm still making a few cookies, but we're handing out these instead this year.

I hope all of you are accomplishing your Christmas lists while still getting a little time to look at lights, listen or sing carols, and soak in the feeling that this time of year brings :).

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  1. Yep. 3 days and counting -- let the fun begin! Merry Christmas, Heather, to you and all the family! May it be a very Blessed and safe one.