Saturday, December 3, 2011

Processing Information

I am a bargain shopper, whether out of necessity (right now) or because it's fun. For the past 6 months I've been hunting for a Cuisinart Food Processor. My last one was an old model that I picked up for 5.00, at a Goodwill. It lasted for years, and would still be working had I not lost the lid in a move sometime.

So I was thrilled when I found a brand new Cuisinart on Craigslist for 60.00. But after waiting a couple weeks, and then email bargaining I got it down to 45.00. YES! All the cool slicing blades and everything.
Since bringing it home, it's been humming regularly.

The first thing I made? A green smoothie, dark leafy greens, banana, blackberries and a little soy milk. So good! I'm trying to drink 1-2 of these a day for all of December to see how I feel. They make a great breakfast for me since I don't love breakfast anyway, and drinking it is easier than eating it. So far the biggest pro I have found is they fill you up to an insane level. You're ready to go for hours after that with no hunger.
Vegan of course!

Tonight, after I made chocolate green smoothies (the kids even ate them!) I made hummus for lunch, and after that, split pea soup. So good! I am in processor heaven! The nice thing is it cuts down on my chopping time, which allows me more time to do other things - like untangle this skein of yarn. Ramses was so kind as to tangle it all up for me. I'd much rather do this than knit with the yarn - or spin.

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  1. Uh-oh! Sounds like some little puppy is getting coal in his stocking!! When you're making the next smoothie, maybe you should add a shot of "Christmas cheer"??