Saturday, September 18, 2010

When the Parade Passes By

We had 2 marchers in a parade today, both playing the snare drums in the back quite happily. This was Cory's first year playing the drums in the parade, Kevin is an old pro. So we headed out this morning bright and early for them to line up and then got in our place to watch for them.
Not their band. But new goal - learn to play the bagpipes!

Today was national Spin in Public day. Which meant that I completely was going to take my drop spindle to the parade today and spin. Except of course, between bringing the camera, drums, matching shirts, etc etc I forgot it. But knitting did take place, as I have a teeny little baby knit bag attached to my purse. While I was knitting a little 2 year old came over and was absolutely fascinated by it. Future knitter in the making!
The correct band
Bang on those drums!

It was a lovely day, and the parade was really cute, with lots of bands and happy boy scout troops. A lovely way to spend a day. Spinning will commence tonight though, while I start the 3 seasons of Law and Order SVU that were on sale today!

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