Saturday, September 4, 2010

SSF Seeks Perfect Pairing

Ad as seen on Sock Harmony

Single striped scarf, seeks perfect pairing. Like minded mate, preferably made from the same merino/angora fiber as she is.

Candidates machine knitted need not apply.

Winter is here in Minnesota. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration - but not much. It's hovering there, waiting to swoop down and shock us out of our mosquito infested humid summer directly into blizzards, below zero temperatures, and permafrost. We do have 4 seasons here, they just consist of winter, just winter, almost winter, and start of winter. Have I mentioned how much I hate, yes hate, this place?

Anyway, sometime in the just winter season (aka April), I knitted my masterpiece. A sock. A sock that striped, and curved, and actually fit quite well. Said sock was placed on my bookshelf. It is still there. Making occasional forays to show people, and then returning to it's place of honor. It was my suggestion that it try Sock Harmony in hopes of magically pairing up with another therefore relieving me of the need to actually knit another sock. So far no dice. Stupid internet dating. Of course the entire reason I originally knitted the sock was the winter problem and my hatred of it. That reason has not gone away. Hmmm

First sock in the works - can I really manage another one?
Guess I need to find that yarn and those directions again. Or a sock knitting machine.

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