Monday, September 6, 2010

Love's Labor's Lost..

Or the lost Labor Day weekend.

I love Labor day, doesn't it always bring back memories of school starting, new opportunities, and seasons changing. School may have sucked, but the first few weeks were always fun. Kind of like New Years, but not. It brings to mind the State Fair, greasy food, cool mornings and the promise of frost.

All of that was before I moved to Minnesota. Minnesota Labor Day brings to mind cold blizzards, and the knowledge that in a few short weeks we won't see grass or any color other than white and shades of gray for weeks at a time. Months I tell you!

All of which is immaterial this year, because I worked every day of Labor day. Yup. Took it literal this year, so I worked 2, 10+ hour days, and one 2 hour day. And yes that last still counts. Unless I am absent from my work for 24 hours, I did not get a real day off.
Goodbye summer, goodbye State Fair

So in protest to the end of summer, my lack of a Holiday weekend, and having to squeeze in the State Fair in a few hours I started spinning some of the roving from I love these colors, and it's mesmerizing watching the colors change. I also finished up, the bright batt from knittyandcolor, oh, do I love this! I should have plyed it after finishing it, but I just needed to start more color in my life.

In other news, Sock is still researching suitable partners, and looking rather forlorn while doing so. My mom strangely is knitting a scarf, she of course is using a pattern IN LACE right away (show off).
Lance feels sorry for poor Single Sock

Random picture of Oscar, the fish, for a random post

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