Monday, September 20, 2010

I knew I forgot something!

Like the 5th yarn that I'd spun, a fun N-ply skein of around 50 yards. It's from Fleecemakers. Isn't it pretty?!

Strangely enough, I found this skein, downstairs in a plastic bag that was open on a table. My question is, how did it get there? I blame the cats. Seriously, they probably did carry it down there.

I also spun and plied this today. It's the August Fondle This! Club offering from Spunky Eclectic. It's supposed to be made into fingerless mitts. This holds great possibilities. Though I spun this a bit too fine. I got 200 yards here. I could cable it, but I think it's fine. It's merino/angora, so pretty, so soft.

Yarn, what yarn? I don't see any yarn!

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