Thursday, September 30, 2010


Spinning is magic! Magic I tell ya! You take beautiful rovings, twist them around, and get art, pure, absolute art.

Each one unique, different, and impossible to completely repeat. Not to mention you can spin while you're watching TV in the evenings and it's relaxing! Is there any better art at all? I think not!
Knittyandcolor The Great Pumpkin Batt 100 yards N-ply
Take for example the above batt. Artfully carded adn blended, it turns into this one of a kind yarn. Just waiting to be, oh I don't know - a fingerless mitt, or something like that!
Or this handpainted roving, which blends into handpainted beautiful yarn. I love it! Love it! I tell you!
Knittyandcolor Tidepool Falkland 150 yards N-ply

Really, it's too gorgeous to even knit or crochet with, don't you think? I should hang it on the wall in a shadow box! Or drape it from the ceiling! Maybe simply put it in a bowl and admire it..

PS - I apologize for the overuse of exclamation points in this post..

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  1. I'd vote for putting it in a bowl on the coffee table. Drives my dh crazy, but I have a number of decorative bowls that have either color coordinated fluff or finished yarns in them.