Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling Through Time

Is anyone else looking back and going where did 2010 GO?! I am! It's becoming fall in Minnesota. This is a good thing in some ways.

It means:
  • The mosquito swarms are calming down.
  • There are apples for apple sauce, apple butter, apple cake, apple pie!
  • There are pumpkins to cheer us up.
  • Cool crisp mornings
  • Warm afternoons
  • The trees are turning from green to reds, and the crops to gold.
  • It's time to cook hearty stews, or today, chicken and dumplings. Which make the house smell amazing, and makes everyone happy.

However, the fact that fall starts here in September is just wrong. It should still be late summer.

The fact it leads into winter, snow, and blizzards is tragic.
Fall colors!

I am still preparing. My September spinning is going well, though I keep getting sidetracked from my goal yarns. Now I'm spinning something for a special project. Or else maybe I'll use commercial yarn, and do the project. I am rather hoardish about my one of a kind handspun. I admit that.

Starting with the silvery gray on the left: 250 yards of merino/silk Ashland Bay. 
Brown in the middle, cormo/alpaca 150 yards
Gold and pink on the right: pure silk (A verb for keeping warm, I think) 200 yards
On the bottom in the hot pink 140 bulky yards.

All Navajo-plied. Only 4 skeins this week, but hey, it's another 4 down, and this was a heavy work week around here.

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